Bespoke Oak Framed Buildings

Are you interested in expanding your property but don’t wish to settle for the usual modern or contemporary options? Here at OakCraft, we specialise in harnessing the beauty of majesty of nature through the provision of elegantly designed bespoke oak framed buildings. Whatever you wish to create, we’ll make it a reality, using the finest quality timber around. To get started with your enquiries, call us now on 01425 208 401.

Bespoke Oak Buildings That Sport Beautiful Craftsmanship

For oak-constructed rooms, extensions, and buildings, no company surpasses the excellent quality provided by OakCraft. When it comes to design and construction, we’re a step ahead of all the rest, creating bespoke oak framed buildings that are functional yet gorgeous to behold. All our creations feature premium-quality materials, ensuring outstanding aesthetics, strength, and durability that lasts.

We’ve taken the time-honoured tradition of oak construction and infused it with modern ingenuity. The result is tailored oak framed buildings that sport the wonderful designs of buildings from centuries past but with the advantages of a modern structure. And such an approach doesn’t just stop with the buildings either. Our approach to design and construction greatly benefits, as it is far more efficient and convenient than other methods.

Bespoke Oak Framed Buildings That Reinvent the Standard

Through this combination of traditional crafting values and efforts to modernise our approach, we create bespoke oak buildings which are sturdy, good-looking, and designed to fulfil your needs. Our team will work with the client from the outset, advising them and making suggestions that help bring their ideas to life. Once a design and quote have been created, the client will have the option to walk away.

If you choose to proceed, however, know that we’ll take care of the entire process. At OakCraft, we design, create and install all bespoke oak framed buildings.

Thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System, we’ve made the process both quick and easy, so you won’t find yourself waiting days or weeks for the work to be completed. Using this incredible technique, we can build an array of buildings and improvements, including:

  • Stables
  • Pool Houses
  • Garages and Carports
  • Extensions, Balconies, and Porches
  • Gazebos
  • Garden Rooms

Also, at OakCraft, we offer two options – ‘Supply Only’ and ‘Supply and Assembly’. We’re more than happy to handle assembly of your tailored oak framed buildings. However, if you wish to hire a separate team to handle the work, we’ll supply all the necessary components along with assembly instructions.

Bespoke Oak Buildings

Even if you opt for ‘Supply Only’, know that our team will still assist with the planning process to ensure a realistic design is created that meets all your requirements.

We can also help to prepare the planning application for your building. A non-refundable local authority fee of £172 is required for this service. And if you require a bespoke report, we’ll happily refer you to a trusted professional. If you would like to make further enquiries about our excellent bespoke oak framed buildings, give OakCraft a call and speak to a member of our friendly team.

Why Come to OakCraft for Tailored Oak Framed Buildings?

Here at OakCraft, we hold a genuine passion for all things traditional. We’re admirers of beautiful, wooden architecture with an enthusiasm for period design that provides a wonderful contrast to the natural landscapes that cover the UK. But we admit that traditional methods needed some refining – and that’s precisely what we’ve done. We’ve taken age-old techniques and improved them through modernisation. The result is bespoke oak framed buildings that are like nothing that’s come before.

All consultations are tailored to your requirements; we seek to design and build something that you’ll be wholly satisfied with. And we look to only use materials of high quality, procured from fully sustainable sources. Not only are the bespoke oak buildings we create truly unique, but they are environmentally friendly too.

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If you would like to enlist our team to design and create your bespoke oak framed buildings, pick up the phone and call OakCraft today on 01425 208 401.