Bespoke Oak Framed Extension Bournemouth

Are you running short on space and looking to add more? Have you considered adding an oak framed building, Bournemouth customers? Then look no further than OakCraft as we craft buildings of varying types, including bespoke oak framed extensions our customers love. Oak is an incredible material that offers gorgeous natural aesthetics, evoking a natural rural feel that’ll complement your property. 

Oak has been at the heart of craft building for over a thousand years. At OakCraft, we’ve taken this time-honoured tradition and made it even better through the introduction of modern techniques. The result is oak buildings that’ll stand the test of time. Would you like to request an oak frame extension for your property? Then you should get in touch with OakCraft today by calling 01425 208 401 to request a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

And if you’d like to learn more about our oak framed buildings, simply click the link to request a brochure! 

Luxury Bespoke Oak Framed Extensions in Bournemouth  

No two customers are the same, and many people desire something more special than a standard PVC extension. That’s where an extension with an oak frame makes for a sublime alternative.  

When it comes to extending your home, the benefits are certainly numerous. Not only does it provide more living space in your home, but it also increases the value of your property. And, when our quality oak at OakCraft is used, your bespoke oak extension in Bournemouth will be beautiful too. We only used products of exceptional quality, and we have pioneered techniques that make us a first choice company.  

At OakCraft, we have modernised oak construction while remaining true to traditional crafting values. This means that our bespoke oak framed extension, Bournemouth clients, is a cut above any that our competitors can supply. We have also created our unique OakCraft Jointing System, which makes the construction of our products easy. 

Our Bespoke Oak Framed Extension Bournemouth Service  

Our team aim to make the entire process as simple as possible, and we offer flexible delivery and installation of your bespoke oak extension, Bournemouth clients. You can choose supply only, where our team will deliver the components needed to piece together your structure, and you can install it yourself. Or we also provide a supply and assembly option, where we deliver the components and handle the construction for you.  

Whatever option you choose, you will receive the highest quality bespoke oak framed extension, Bournemouth residents. Every structure is designed and created with your input so that you receive an extension that meets your requirements. We believe that customisation is key, so we will discuss options with you, offer advice, and come up with a unique plan. 

What is an Oak Framed Extension?  

An oak framed extension is, in many ways, the same as a regular extension. The primary difference is that it comprises a timber frame made using premium-quality oak. An extension is a great way to add additional space to a property where space is at a premium. In such circumstances, you might be considering moving to a bigger property, but this can be expensive and time-consuming. 

By simply adding an extension, you can greatly increase your available space. Just some of the uses for an extension include: 

  • Bigger Kitchen 
  • More Storage Space 
  • Additional Lounge Space 
  • Kid’s Playroom 
  • Home Gym 
  • Entertainment Room 
  • Utility Room 

Whatever purpose you wish for your extension to fulfil, you can always count on OakCraft to deliver. To learn more about any of our oak framed buildings, give us a call today. 

Benefits of an Oak Extension  

We speak very highly of oak extensions, and that’s because we’re rather biased when it comes to timber-framed buildings. But it should be noted that oak framed buildings offer many fantastic benefits. Once you’ve accounted for these benefits, you’ll quickly see why we rate them so highly. These benefits include: 

  • Durability 
  • Versatility 
  • Speedier Development 
  • Superior Insulating Qualities 
  • Excellent External Noise Dampening Qualities 
  • Eco-Friendly/ Environmental Benefits 
  • Aesthetically Appealing 

The outstanding durability of oak means your extension will last for many, many years to come. Oak is also far less likely to rot, making it an excellent material choice for external building work. The versatility of timber means you can make the design as traditional or modern as you like. Oak framed buildings are typically faster to build than brick and mortar, especially when factoring in our OakCraft Jointing System. 

Oak is often regarded as far superior at retaining heat and dampening external noise than brick and mortar buildings. It’s eco-friendly as oak is a sustainable material; the growth and harvesting of oak is a very low environmental impact. And, of course, oak buildings are often considered to be visually stunning. 

Increases Property Market Value

One significant benefit of adding an extension to any property is the impact it has on the property’s market value. Creating an extension adds functional space, boosting the available living area. Buyers are often drawn to the idea of a large spacious kitchen or an extra lounge area. An extension opens the door to other possibilities; for instance, adding a home gym or kid’s playroom is usually a luxury most homeowners can’t justify given space limitations. 

If you’re looking to sell your property or might be interested in doing so in the future, you’ll want to consider making improvements to boost the market value. 

Oak is Highly Durable  

Durability is a key factor when it comes to material selection, and this is an area where oak does not disappoint. Oak is exceptionally strong, heavy, and durable. It is highly resistant to fungal attack and won’t rot anywhere near as easily as other types of timber. Its outstandingly dense constitution and long-living nature stem from the tree’s hardiness. It’s not uncommon for oak trees to live for hundreds of years, withstanding even the harshest weather. 

So, as you’d probably expect, such characteristics can be hugely beneficial when it comes to constructing buildings in all manner of climates. At OakCraft, we carefully select the oak we use, ensuring quality, longevity and sustainability.  

Highly Insulated  

Oak is considerably more efficient at retaining heat when compared to other building materials, such as masonry, steel, and aluminium. This is due to the fact that wood contains air pockets within its cellular structure that makes it far more efficient at hindering the passage of heat. Because of this, oak framed buildings typically require far less energy to keep warm or cool. The result of this is cheaper energy bills. 

Another impact of this is the knock-on effect this has on the environment, as homeowners won’t be running their heating or air conditioning anywhere near as long as with other building types. 

Eco Friendly  

This brings us to the subject of oak being eco-friendly. The impressive insulating quality of timber means that property owners won’t need to run their heating or air conditioning anywhere near as much. This equates to fewer fossil fuels being used which, in turn, helps to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Also worth considering is the fact that oak is acquired from sustainable sources. New trees are planted to replace ones that have been harvested. The process of growing and harvesting oak also has a very low impact on the environment when compared to the way in which man-made materials are produced. In fact, the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the construction industry are because of mining, processing, and transporting man-made materials. 

One final note is that timber naturally absorbs carbon dioxide emissions, is not toxic, and doesn’t release chemicals the way man-made materials do.  

Versatile and Easy to Create Bespoke Designs  

When you approach OakCraft, you’ll always receive an entirely bespoke service. The beauty of oak construction is that it offers versatility. And thanks to the modern innovations we’ve brought to the table, we can offer bespoke designs that are very easy to create. 

The secret to our success lies with our incredible, market-leading OakCraft Jointing System. This system enables us to offer a degree of flexibility that no other building company can offer. With OakCraft, it’s possible to achieve an extension design that’s unique and that fully satisfies all your requirements.  

We provide customers with personalised service; our goal is to take on board your ideas and present you with design options that you’ll love. We don’t supply prefabricated buildings; every building is either designed from scratch or from a starting template – you decide which. 

Every aspect is entirely configurable, and we also take care of features such as windows, doors, and even the roof. So, whatever sort of extension you have planned, let OakCraft know all about it. 

Helps Your Property Stand Out

An OakCraft extension is an excellent way of making your property stand out. Timber is a gorgeous material, oak in particular. The majestic qualities of oak construction perfectly complement both traditional and modern construction. If you live in a rural property, an oak extension will look magnificent along with a natural backdrop. And even if you live in the suburbs, you’ll love the way an oak extension will make your property stand apart from those around it. 

More Than Just Oak Framed Extensions  

Here at OakCraft, we are the premier company for the design and installation of a wide range of oak structures. As such, we can provide more than just a bespoke extension in Bournemouth. Clients can rely on us for:  

You can rest assured knowing you will receive a beautiful product that will transform your property regardless of the structure you require. You can find out more about any of our products by calling us today on 01425 208 401. 

Oak Garages  

An oak garage is a solid investment, whether you have a single car or multiple vehicles. It’s not advisable to store vehicles outside if it can be avoided. A garage provides additional protection from the elements and added security against thieves. Thanks to the insulating properties of oak, timber garages can make it easier to start your vehicle’s engine on cold days. 

At OakCraft, we build oak garages in different sizes, ranging from 1-bay to 5-bay options. Larger garages can be segregated, creating space for a workshop, hobby room, additional storage, etc. 

Oak Pool Houses  

If you’re fortunate enough to have your very own swimming pool, we suggest adding a pool house to complete the setup. Oak pool houses give you a purpose-built area to entertain friends and family, relax with a few drinks, and entertain, even when the weather is less than stellar. If you fancy adding a home gym, a pool house is a great alternative that saves space in your home. 

You can use it as a place to store pool accessories and cleaning chemicals, which is especially useful during the colder months. Again, this means less space being taken up in your home. And, of course, the biggest reason to invest in a pool house is it makes it a lot easier to throw a pool party. There’s no need to traipse back and forth from the house; you’ll never have to step away from the action. Plus, it protects your home from the sorts of mishaps that often occur at parties.  

Upper Floored Buildings  

If your property features an oak framed building already, there may yet be room for expansion. Upper floored buildings are a great way of taking advantage of the full space available and are not all that dissimilar from loft conversions. Our upper floored buildings come with full-height entrances and external staircases, making them easy to access. 

We add double-glazed dormer windows to provide plenty of natural light throughout. The roof pitch is fully customisable. We offer a unique extended eaves option (up to 1.2m of vertical extension can be accomplished). This provides greater use of edges and corners. Lastly, our upper floored buildings boast improved stability, strength, and durability thanks to our innovative OakCraft Joining System. 

An upper floored building can be anything you want it to be, with options that include: 

  • Home Office/ Study 
  • Storage 
  • Kid’s Playroom 
  • Hobby Room/ Craft Workshop 
  • Ancillary Accommodation 


Additional Services  

In addition to the services we’ve mentioned above, the team at OakCraft provide a range of additional services too, including: 

Plus, we offer a basic planning application service that includes an individual assessment and client report by an independent structural engineer. This service is provided free of charge but does entail a non-refundable local authority fee. Please note that we cannot provide a specialist planning application service. If you require this service, we can put you in touch with a company that can. 

Why Choose Us for Bespoke Oak Framed Extensions?  

Welcome to OakCraft, a company that is situated in the heart of the New Forest and that has years of experience in creating stunning oak structures. We have built our company around a deep appreciation for oak construction, as this has been a popular material for over 1000 years. Our team combine traditional techniques with our own modern spin to make a bespoke oak extension in Bournemouth that stands the test of time.  

Our name is synonymous with quality. We are renowned for providing high–quality craftsmanship, tailored design, and impeccable customer service for all of our clients. This is combined with our relationship with Holmsley Mill, who provide superior products which we use in our bespoke oak framed extension. Bournemouth residents, you won’t find a higher standard of product elsewhere.  

We provide free quotes for our bespoke oak extension, Bournemouth clients. This means that you have absolutely nothing to lose by reaching out. If you are unhappy with our quote, you can simply walk away.  

So, are you now ready to reach out regarding a bespoke oak framed extension, Bournemouth? If so, get in touch via one of the below contact methods. 

Contact Us

When it comes to enhancing any property with a bespoke oak framed extension, Bournemouth customers simply cannot go wrong with OakCraft. As you’ll now know, having read through the article above, we’re the number one supplier of premium-quality timber-framed extensions. Our excellent choice of oak framed buildings is second-to-none, so we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

Buildings sporting an oak frame boast a certain quality that’s not present with brick and mortar structures. They make for a fabulous addition that’ll provide functional space and greatly improve aesthetics. At OakCraft, we love discussing solid oak frame buildings with our customers, so if you have a request you’d like to bring to us, call us on 01425 208 401. Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by completing our online contact form or emailing, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.