Bespoke Oak Framed Extension Dorset

Are you looking for the best bespoke oak framed extension but not sure where to look? We have you covered, at Oak Craft we have all the best oak framed extensions available that are perfect to match any aesthetic and really bring the environment to life. We understand how to use oak and really know how to make it fit into any surrounding. Make sure you book your free consultation with us and let’s make your dream a reality.

Why Use Oak Wood?

Did you know that oak has been the centre of building materials for over 1,000 years and that number continues to rise. The benefits of using oak wood are numerous, one of them being the strength that oak wood offers. Unlike man made material, oak wood strengthens over time, making any building more structurally sound due to the toughness that the hard wood has.

The freedom and possibilities that oak wood offer is endless. Due to the pliability offered, the customisation is endless and anything you can think of can become reality. No matter the detail or scalability, oak has you covered. Due to the comprehensive wonders that can be achieved when using oak, it’s no wonder the wood is used for building extensions and so much more.

Bespoke Oak Framed Extension Dorset Questions

It’s understandable to have many questions and having an extension fitted is no decision to be taken lightly and at Oak Craft we understand this. A lot of people ask, where do we get the oak that we use? All the oak that we use comes from sustainable resources in managed forests, making the timber we use more environmentally friendly than other building materials. We’re proud to offer sustainable oak extensions.

Another popular question we have is, how long will my oak framed extension last and that’s a smart question to have. Most oak framed buildings will last for hundreds of years, even better than most stone and brick buildings. With reasonable maintenance, oak buildings can last for centuries. Plus, oak wood is durable and naturally resistant against rot and infestation, so we wouldn’t recommend special treatments. All the oak supplied by us are already pressure treated against rot and infestations so you won’t need to worry.

Why Have A Bespoke Oak Framed Extension

Having your own bespoke oak extension not only reflects you as a person but also improves the aesthetic of your home. It has been proven that an oak extension is going to increase the overall value of a property, making an investment on its own. It also makes the home a more comfortable place to live. As oak is a very durable material, to use it reduces any maintenance costs, making it one of the least expensive materials to have in your home.


Why Pick Oak Craft For Your Dorset Bespoke Oak Framed Extension

Not only is Oak Craft known for its exceptional customer service and helpful team, we offer affordable prices that are perfect for any budget. We’re on hand to answer any questions and make sure you get the best oak framed extension.

We’re more than happy to offer our customers a broad range of choices regarding framed extension in Dorset. We offer a swift installation process with zero hassle and our helpful team is on hand to answer any question you may have every step of the way. We offer a personalised service for all our customers and are happy to adhere to any requirements you may have. Our fitters take pride in leaving you with a perfect oak framed extension and leaving your property clean and tidy when they’re finished.

At oak craft we also offer additional services that may be of interest if you’re looking to expand and make your property stand out amongst everyone else. We offer the best barns, annexes, home offices, complexes and so much more. You can see all our amazing pictures on our website which will give you the best inspiration to create your dream oak creation.

With exceptional customer service and a wide range of oak products available it’s no wonder our customers keep coming back when they want more. We find our new customers come to us through the best of recommendations.

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