Case Study: Oak Frame Open Garage

07 Feb Case Study: Oak Frame Open Garage

During 2017, here at Oakcraft we were approached by a local builders company who wanted an Oak Frame Open Garage/Carport for four cars. These garages were intended to be used for four new luxury apartments that were being built.

The space which we had to build this garage was a little tight, so we designed bespoke 5 x 5.5m oak frames. Each oak frame could house two large cars comfortably and both had a fully hipped roof.

The bespoke frames were constructed using a green oak for the frame, which was cleaned prior to our delivery and we used a dry oak dowel to peg this frame.

The softwood was used for the rafters and beams, was treated with vacsol-aqua for long-term protection against fungal and insect attack. This also provides the wood with a clear finish.

In order to secure this structure to the ground, we used trench filled footings to comply with regulations, a shingle floor to overlap the concrete and the posts were secured with bolts.

After we had finished building the structures, the builders then installed lighting into the garages to finish the structures off.

Here at Oakcraft we don’t only work with builders, we also work with individuals and other trades. We are happy to only supply the structures or supply them and assemble them for your use.