The Advantages of Using Oak as a Building Material

24 Aug The Advantages of Using Oak as a Building Material

Oak is a firm favourite for many builders and designers. This is because of its many desirable properties and characteristics which can be used to the advantage of the build. But, what are some of the main advantages of using this well-known material?


Oak is a fairly distinctive material, with its strong colour and high-quality reputation to match. It’s no surprise that many designs use oak simply for the way that it looks.

While being a fairly elegant wood, Oak can also give a build a slightly rustic and natural look which is extremely desirable at the moment. Whether you want a sleek and elegant build or something with a bit of character, Oak is usually top of the list.

The natural patterns mean that no two pieces of wood will be the same but this only adds to the appearance of this material.


The key features of Oak are surrounding the durability of the material:

• Extremely strong
• Resistant to moisture
• Hard-wearing and durable

Oak is commonly used for the beams and foundations which will support houses dating back centuries. This is why the material is a firm favourite of builders and carpenters. In fact, in the 1500’s most houses were built from Oak; this just goes to show how strong this material really is.


Oak is widely used as a building material but not just for houses and buildings. The material is used in a whole range of products such as for furniture, cabinets, flooring and even for building ships.

It is an ideal material for aspects like this, especially ships, because of its strength and resistant to rot, decay or pests and fungal. This also means that the material provides an extremely low level of maintenance which means it is so versatile for any product.

The Environment

Oak can be a sustainable material when sourced correctly.

Not only this but producing this material does not use lots of fossil fuels like some of the other favourite materials use. There are no chemical treatments used in the process of Oak materials which means that again, it is better for the environment than other building materials.

As we use more Oak, in order to keep the material sustainable, we plant more of the trees which means that they can keep adsorbing all of the CO2 out of the environment.