What Information Do You Need for the Quoting Stage?

Oak framed porch

13 Jul What Information Do You Need for the Quoting Stage?

Are you thinking about adding an Oak frame extension to your home, or maybe an Oak frame garage?
We will talk you through the process of estimating what is needed for your build, but if you prefer to be prepared in advance before speaking to us, we’ve listed some of the information you might need to know before giving us a call.

Building Size and Restrictions

One of the key pieces of information that we will need to know is a rough size guide for your building or extension. If you have a rough drawing, or even a full design that you’d like to work with this is fine. Present as much of an idea as you currently have, and we can help you work from here. You’ll want to consider windows, doors and rough wall dimensions, and possibly roof style and shape too.
There can be restrictions to building an Oak frame for your property such as close-by buildings or protected trees; this is useful information for us to have from the beginning of the project and will prevent setbacks further along the project. If you’re unsure how to find out, we can help with this.
If you need to obtain planning permission for this structure, we will be more than happy to help you along with this process, so it is all less stressful for you!

Example Structures and Features

If you have any examples of other structures that you love, it is great for our designers to see pictures of these to aid in designing your building.
We will also be able to provide you with lots of examples so don’t worry too much about trying to find a structure that you like. Our team are experienced and great at coming up with ideas ideal for your space.
Most of our oak builds are individually crafted bespoke for each of our customers so even if you want a small aspect of one example we should be able to incorporate this into your design.
When designing your build, it is important for our design team to know what features you will want to add and roughly where these will be. For example, if you want to have a kitchen installed in your oak frame, we will ensure that frame is suitable for this, but you will need to get a third-party company to come in and install your kitchen.
Another example of a feature that could be added is a fireplace; our design team will need to account for space in the roof for a chimney to be added. Again, this will need to be fitted by a third-party company.


It is a good idea for our team to know an idea of your budget or the upper limit of your spending limit. We always work to keep our prices competitive, but our team will also be able to advise you on the best use of your budget.


We will talk through with all of our clients when the soonest finish date for their project will depend on how busy we are and the materials we need.
However, you may favour a particular season of the year, or there may be a period where you don’t want work to commence. If our team knows this in advance, we can plan our work to your timescale.
There is no pressure to start your project immediately, and there will be no hard sell for this, so you don’t have to worry. We can work completely with your plans and get involved as much or little as you desire.
All colleagues are friendly and local to the New Forest area. We pride ourselves on being large enough to deliver a professional service, yet small enough to care about our clients’ individual needs and requirements