Oak Pool House

Are you looking to add a brand-new oak pool house to your property? Then the company to call is OakCraft – true oak artisans with a knowledge of oak construction that’s unmatched. We take the traditional construction methods that have existed for more than a thousand years and improve on these through modern innovation. We’ll design and build a brand-new pool house that’s in keeping with your requirements. To get started, call our team on 01425 208 401. 

Beautifully Designed Bespoke Oak Framed Buildings 

Here at OakCraft, we design and construct some of the most gorgeous bespoke oak buildings to be found anywhere. The buildings we create make for a perfect addition to stately properties, and most wouldn’t be out of place when added to smaller properties too. To create structures like an oak pool house, we call on more than a thousand years of construction tradition. 

But we’ve taken these traditional methods and improved on them, combining modern ingenuity and technological advances to provide customers with the best of both worlds. The result is oak framed structures which look magnificent and are built to stand the test of time. 


The People to Speak to for a Brand-New Oak Pool House 

You might be wondering what these modern innovations we’re talking about are. The secret is our unique and patented (Patent Number 2338004) OakCraft Jointing System. With this system, we have the flexibility to create all manner of bespoke oak framed buildings. And our buildings offer strength and resilience as well as a safety standard not found in most other modern constructions. Our competitors cannot compete with what we offer. 

Plus, with our OakCraft Jointing System, we can optimise the placement of eaves ties and eaves beams to maximise available headroom.

The Mark of Quality 

Every oak pool house we build is crafted using the finest quality wood procured from sustainable sources. We begin with the frame, and from there, we create all the details that’ll eventually lead to the final structure. Customers can choose from pre-designed units or opt for a bespoke design that’s built from the ground-up – we don’t keep stock buildings lying around. 

We will assist you with the planning process, preparing drawings for a basic planning application. We charge no fee for this. However, a non-refundable local authority fee of £172 will be owed. We don’t handle bespoke requests, so if one is required for any oak framed structures, we’ll put you in touch with a trusted specialist who can help. 

Oak Pool House and Gym

Supply Only or Supply and Assembly? 

You might already have a builder in mind to finish the job. If this is the case, we’ll fabricate the parts for your pool house and provide these components along with the necessary assembly instructions. Offsite support can be provided, all oak will be cut to the correct size, but any softwood will have to be cut on-site. If you wish for us to handle the construction, know that all OakCraft buildings are built on an OakCraft base as standard. 

We’ll need to survey a base built by anyone else to ensure it meets the correct dimensions of our oak pool house. Once we’re good to go, we’ll get to work assembling the entire house – this includes adding the roof and fitting-out the interior.


What Else Can We Build? 

As well as an oak pool house, you can come to OakCraft for other oak framed buildings, such as: 

If you would like to find out more about any of these or make enquiries about a new pool house, make sure to get in touch with our team today. 

Why Come to Us for Oak Framed Structures? 

Here at OakCraftwe’re passionate about the qualities of oak construction which have existed for over a thousand years. Through modern ingenuity and technological advances, we’ve improved on these methods. Our patented OakCraft Jointing System is like nothing else available on the market. It allows for a great deal of versatility that our competitors can’t match. This makes us the perfect choice for a brand-new oak pool house. 

We work closely with our customers, ensuring they get the results they seek. And we only ever use premium-quality materials procured from sustainable sources. With an OakCraft building, you can be assured that its built to last and eco-friendly too. And what about the cost? We price our services at very affordable rates, so those new expansions won’t cost you a small fortune. 

If you’ve decided now that we’re the right choice for bespoke oak framed buildings, now is the time to give us a call using the contact details listed below. 

Contact Us 

For the best oak pool house, built to your specifications, call OakCraft today on 01425 208 401. Alternatively, you can click on our FAQs, email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk, or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.