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Are you looking to add an oak porch to your property? Then you’ll want to call the experts at OakCraft as we offer a bespoke service that covers either supply-only or supply and installation. We’ve taken the time-honoured tradition of oak craftsmanship and made it better. And now you too can enjoy the wondrous benefits of elegant oak construction. To get started, call us on 01425 208 401.

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More Than a Thousand Years of Heritage in a Single Oak Framed Porch

For over a thousand years, oak construction has been commonplace, primarily because timber is a common, easily replenished resource. But timber is very strong and durable too, plus, it’s also aesthetically appealing. Here at OakCraft, we’re passionate about oak construction, which is why we’ve modernised it. Your new oak porch will exude the same, time-honoured qualities; only, it’ll be vastly improved.

There’s no denying that the outdoor space is there to be enjoyed, and an oak enclosed porch certainly helps in this regard. Our experts go above and beyond to make our customers’ expectations a reality. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the finished product, which you can learn more about below.

From Planning
to Perfection

Come to OakCraft for a Stunning New Oak Porch

When you come to OakCraft, you can be assured that we’ll design and craft an oak framed porch that meets your specifications exactly. We offer an entirely bespoke design service from start-to-finish, so you can enjoy a porch that’s just as you envisioned. Thanks to our patented OakCraft Joining System, we can assemble your porch quickly, so you’re not kept waiting around.

But before we deliver and assemble your new oak porch, we’ll first begin with a consultation in which we’ll discuss your ideas and share ideas and suggestions of our own. We’ll create a design for your porch that you’ll love, and once this has been finalised, ask whether you require a “Supply-Only” or “Supply and Installation” service. This will determine the final amount which you’ll be quoted for.

We can also prepare a planning application for you. This will incur a local authority fee of £172, which is non-refundable. However, we don’t add on any costs ourselves. Please note that if you require a more comprehensive application, this is not a service we can offer. For bespoke reports, we can refer you to a trusted professional who can create one for you.

If you opt for supply-only, we’ll create the pieces for your porch and deliver them to your site. We also supply full assembly instructions, which you or your chosen professional simply have to follow. Alternatively, we’ll deliver the pieces and assemble your new oak enclosed porch for you.

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What Else Can We Offer?

If you’re not in the market for an oak porch or maybe you are but would also like to add something else to your property, OakCraft can accommodate you. We can design, craft, supply, and even install a wide assortment of oak-comprised installations, including:

  • Oak Garages
  • Upper Floor Oak Buildings
  • Oak Framed Extensions
  • Oak Pool Houses
  • Oak Stables
  • Bespoke Oak Buildings and More!

For more details, make sure to get in touch with the OakCraft team today!

100% Client Satisfaction
is Our Aim

Why Come to Us for an Oak Enclosed Porch?

When it comes to delivering quality, oak-comprised installations, no other company exceeds the level of quality offered by OakCraft. Based in the heart of the New Forest, we’ve immersed ourselves in natural surroundings indicative of our love for oak construction. As a material, oak has been used for over 1000 years, and its impressive strength and durability makes it a favourite choice for oak porch construction, even today.

We’ve harnessed the beautiful, timeless qualities of oak to create truly extraordinary features that’ll greatly enhance any home. Oak buildings help to create an almost stately feel and are a functional addition that will boost the market value of any property. And as we work closely with Holmsley Mill, only the finest quality timber is used to build every oak framed porch.

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So, if you would to enquire about adding an oak porch to your property, pick up the phone and call the experts at OakCraft now on 01425 208 401.